In this section we answer your
questions with regards to Internet
access with Scout.
How does Scout provide
internet access in over
100 countries?
Every device has a unique SIM-card that it's not 'locked' to one specific carrier. To set up a data plan you will need to use a mobile device with an installed Scout app. When you arrive to a new country, the app will show you a list of local data providers and the data plan options – choose the one that fits you and pay for it within the app using your VISA/MasterCard. Within this moments the SIM-card in your Scout device will start act like a SIM-card from a local service provider and you can start using it to surf the internet.
How to connect
to Scout's internet
Scout acts the same way as your WI-FI router at home. It creates a personal WI-FI network and you can connect up to 5 devices with WI-FI capability at a time. Just think of it as your home WI-FI travelling with you.
How to check the list
of countries covered
by Scout and the data
plans there?
The country list and the data costs are available here. We have prepared some bundled data packages by grouping some countries based on their proximity and popularity — for those who might be visiting several countries at once.
How to choose and pay
for a data package?
You can always check your Scout mobile app to see all of the available data plans. Open the menu, choose the country or a geographical area that interests you. The app will show all of the available data plans, that will differ based on the amount of data that you would want to use. Choose any plan and pay for it right there.
What to do if I have
used up all of the data?
Nothing to worry about! Scout will stop you from spending more than you wished to, it will automatically switch of the access once you hit the limit. The Scout mobile app works even when you have hit the limit, so you can always buy more if you need to.
How fast is the internet
when using Scout?
Fast enough for you to watch Netflix, the maximum speed is capped at 21 Mbit/s howevert the actual speed may wary depending on the signal and the service provider.
In this section we will answer most
frequently asked questions about
Scout's tracking functionality.
What is a tracker?
A device that allows you to remotely track its location. Scout tracker let's you find it anywhere in the world, as long as it has charge.
How can I find the bag's location?
Place your Scout inside of the bag which will start using its GPS module to track the location. Scout works inside of the building as well as outside so if even your bag is inside an airport terminal you should be able to see it.
How does Scout calculate the distance to your mobile phone?
Scout device has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module so when it's connected to your phone it can calculate the distance in a range up to 55 yards. If you happen to leave your bag in a taxi or anywhere else, the app will notify you once you get out of the 55 yard range.